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Sabor! Locating Latinidad in Youth Literature

When I was taking an American literature survey course in my undergraduate studies, my professor asked us, “What is so recognizably American about this book that it could have only been written by an American author about America? In other words, what about this book tastes American?” It is to this question that I dedicate […]

Death, Mourning, and the Macabre in Antebellum Gift Books

From about 1820 through 1860, gift books were a prominent component of the antebellum literary scene. Designed to be given at Christmas time, the books had covers decorated with gold and included titles like The Gift: A Christmas and New Year’s Present  or Forget Me Not: A Christmas and New Year’s Present. Each year, a new edition […]

Hearing the Music of the Hemispheres

[The Drama Review’s] first born-digital multimodal article by Erin B. Mee analyzes Music of the Hemispheres as a concert, a film, a portrait, an improv, and a performed (neural) performance analysis that offers new ways of thinking about perception, spectatorship, and the brain. The article, using Scalar, incorporates film, video, and audio clips that are […]

Organism for Poetic Research and PELT

The Organism for Poetic Research (OPR) organizes and initiates events that open a collaborative field for experimentation and research performed in the humanities, the natural sciences, the visual arts and poetry. PELT is a newly launched magazine that publishes work by artists and academics connected with OPR events. The OPR website advertises calls for work and OPR events, publishes proceedings from events, and makes available an online format of PELT that both reproduces the printed PELT (thereby allowing it a wider circulation) and contributes materials better suited to a digital medium.